2019 Cat Show Schedule

Fifth Championship Cat Show and Companion Exhibit Show

Date: Saturday 27th April, 2019

Venue: The DEN (New England Regional Indoor Sports Complex  – situated in the grounds of the Armidale Secondary College)

Time: Vetting 6:30am – 7:30am, Judging starts at 8:00am – Show concludes 5:00pm

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Timetable: timetable


Meet the Judges


Armidale and New England Cat Club Schedule 27th April 2017_Page_3_Image_0001I have been a CFA AB Judge for 15 years. I started exhibiting at cat shows in the USA in 1979, originally with a Cream Persian Grand Champion Following a successful show season, my cat was awarded a high Regional win in CFAls Southwest Region. In subsequent years, I bred and exhibited Abyssinians and Exotics. Once I decided to prepare for the CFA Judging Program, I then bred and exhibited Manx, Norwegian Forest Cats and Persians. I have been a CFA licensed Ring Clerk and Master Clerk, which was a requirement to apply to the judging program. Since achieving my AB Judging license, I have acted as a training judge and been on the faculty of CFAls Breed Awareness and Orientation School. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. This is my first trip to Australia and I am looking forward to the trip.


Armidale and New England Cat Club Schedule 27th April 2017_Page_3_Image_0002I have been a longhair judge since 1989 and a FIFE All Breed Judge since 2016. I have judged in the USA, UK, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic and China. I have raised Persians, British Shorthairs and Abyssinians under the prefix: van Grebst. My cats have been exported all over the world and have obtained titles as; Fife World Winner, European Champions,Grand Champions, International Champions and Distinguished Merits awards. In my civil life, I work at the Danish Red Cross. My last visit to Australia was 30 years ago. This is my first Judging assignment in Australia. Photo taken by Wilma Hoogendoom, Holland.


Armidale-and-New-England-Cat-Club-Schedule-27th-April-2017_Page_3_Image_0003I m a FIFE All Breed Judge. I did my first exam in 2006 so it s been 13 years for me until now judging cats.
I have 7 Devon Rex cats at home and running a Fedra Rex PL cattery together with my girl friend. In a professional life, I m a General Manager of 5 hotel in Bialystok. This is my first visit to Australia therefore my first Australian Judging assignment. Photo taken by Madalin TANASE Photography.


Armidale and New England Cat Club Schedule 27th April 2017_Page_3_Image_0006My grandmother and I rescued cats and kittens. We took a Maine Coon cat, altered, from a family where the owner died and member of the family was allergic and could not take the cat. I fell in love with this breed and felt that when my life would become stable after school, etc. that I would breed these cats because of the wonderful attributes that I had discovered with this breed. This cat lived 17 1/2 years and was the love of my life for many, many years. In my first litter (mid 1970s) I produced the first Maine Coon female in the history of Maine Coons to be in the top 20 cats of all breeds in the world in TICA. She was Outstanding Dam, Supreme Grand Champion Willowplace Lilly Snow who became 17th best cat of all breeds International in TICA in 1983. For the judging program I worked with Siamese, Persian, Manx, Sphynx, and American Shorthair. I am an Allbreed Judge in TICA and began judging in 1990 and have judged in countries all over the world. In TICA, I carry the title of “Distinguished Judge”. This is my second Judging Assignment in Australia and I am looking forward to visiting Australia, again.


Armidale and New England Cat Club Schedule 27th April 2017_Page_3_Image_0004I became involved with cats and the Cat Fancy about 30 years ago with the gift of a seal point Siamese kitten who became the mother of my first show kitten ದ a blue point Siamese. Since that first show I have been actively involved with the Cat Fancy as an exhibitor and breeder (of Orientals, Siamese and Devon Rex), and worker ದ being regularly involved in the running of shows and assisting on the executive of a number of Clubs. Although I no longer breed cats, for over a decade I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with some wonderful Norwegian Forrest cats, who I also enjoy showing whenever possible. I have been judging for over 20 years and am an all breeds tutor judge with NSW CFA (an affiliate of the Co ordinating Cat Council of Australia). During that time I have judged extensively all over Australia and New Zealand and more recently in China. I am currently Senior Vice President of NSW CFA, an active member of the NSW CFA Management Committee and chair of the NSW CFA Judges/Breeds sub committee. In that role I am responsible for co ordinating judges training and education. I recently ran a shorthair judges training course and am currently co ordinating a longhair judges training course. Away from the Cat Fancy I am a solicitor.


Armidale and New England Cat Club Schedule 27th April 2017_Page_3_Image_0005Animals have always been important in my life. After growing up with the company of whippets, greyhounds and a succession of cats of varying descriptions, I became interested in cats in a serious way after forming a liaison with my first Abyssinians, a tawny and a silver, in 1989. Initially, it was just an involvement in showing cats but breeding them soon followed, specialising in Silver Abyssinians under the Nivalis prefix. Today, we have a multiದ cat household, each of them allotted time according to their need to love and be loved. All cats are special and each is unique, regardless of their ancestry. I am a member of several cat clubs and have, for many years, been actively involved with the Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia serving in roles including President, Secretary, Treasurer and Show Manager. Since 1998 I have been active as a steward, enjoying assignments in all groups and in 2003, qualified as a Companion Exhibit Judge. My pedigreed judging experience began with Group 3 (full licence 2010), followed by Group 2 in 2013, attaining my Shorthair Judge s licence. I completed my Longhair licence (Group 1) and was granted full licence as an All Breeds Judge in November 2016. Currently residing in the Hunter Valley Wine Country region of NSW, I enjoy observing and learning about our local wildlife. Apart from my strong interest in all things feline, other interests include zoology, reading, embroidery and quilting.

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