2020 Cat Show Schedule

Armidale and New England Cat Club

Affiliated with NSW Cat Fanciers Associated Inc.

Invites entries to our

Sixth Championship Cat Show and Companion Exhibit Show

Including a Burmese Specialty Challenge Ring (Sponsored by Australian Burmese Cat Breeders Alliance)

Saturday 28th March 2020

Venue: The DEN

New England Regional Indoor Sports Complex (situated in the grounds of the Armidale Secondary College AKA Armidale High School), 181 Butler Street (entrance opposite 183 Mossman Street), Armidale  NSW  2350

Four Rings Open Style Judging


PROUDLY SPONSORED BYScreen Shot 2019-11-22 at 2.13.30 pm

Vetting 6:30am- 7:30am                Judging starts 8:00am                Show concludes 5:00pm

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This show will be conducted under the rules & show procedures of the NSW CFA Inc.

A copy of the show procedures may be obtained from the NSW CFA Office or website.

Show Personnel

President:                                       Mr Eamon O’Brien

Show Manager:                              Stephanie Richards

Assistant Show Manager:            Mr Lee Gallagher

Show Secretary:                             Mrs Lyn Keevers

Recorder and Show Processor:   Mr Ian Dunn


Stewards: Karren Alford, Tracey Camp, Marianne Cannon, Carol Cootes, Jaen Dickeson, Joanne Greentree, Tracy Stewart, Sue Thomas, Cathy McGrath, Lyn Minard, Sharyn Yelland, Frances Zewe, Paul Fitzhenry and Lee Gallagher.


Ring Coordinators: Julie Fitzhenry, Cherylee Gallagher, Rosie Rogers, Stephanie Timmony, Lyn Thwaites, Lyn Varney, Chris Wiseman and Sue Wyman.


Runner:                                Les Hodge

Trophy Stewards:               Ann Elphick, Michael Andrew and Joshua Drake

Caterer:                                 Lou Ricci and Team

Door and Raffles:                Chris Lindberg and Eamon O’Brien

Veterinary Officers:             Creeklands Veterinary Surgery (Armidale)

Veterinary Stewards:           Lee Gallagher and Chris Lindberg

NSW CFA Representative:  TBA

(Each exhibit must be inspected by and pass the Veterinary Officer’s inspection before being allowed to be benched in the show. The decision of the Veterinary Officer is final. Veterinary inspections shall be carried out in accordance with the Show Veterinary Inspection Procedures.)

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Burmese Specialty Ring

Judged by International All Breeds Judge


Esteemed International Burmese Breeder Jane Goble (SACC)

Rosettes presented for TOP 10 BURMESE EXHIBITS

plus: Supreme Burmese Exhibit- $250 cash and sponsors prizes

Runner Up Burmese Exhibit- $150 cash and Sponsors prizes

3rd Place Burmese Exhibit- $100 cash and Sponsors prizes

4th to 10th Place Burmese Exhibits- Sponsors prizes

Proudly sponsored by: Australian Burmese Cat Breeders Alliance

Judging of the Burmese Specialty Ring will commence at 8:00am sharp

The presentation of the TOP 10 Awards will take place during the lunch break

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 2.40.55 pmScreen Shot 2019-11-22 at 2.41.19 pm Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 2.42.54 pm


MEMBERSHIP STATUS: All exhibitors resident in NSW must be current financial members of NSWCFA, except when the show is an Open Entry show where Cats NSW and ANCATS members may exhibit. New exhibitors resident in NSW may show three times as non.members provided their exhibits are registered in their name with NSWCFA. An exhibitor resident in another state must be a member of a controlling body recognised by CCCA or ACF and the exhibits must be registered in the exhibitor,s name with that controlling body.
ENTRIES: All entries must be submitted on the current official NSWCFA Entry Form (available from the NSWCFA website) together with a clear copy of each exhibit,s registration certificate in the name of the exhibitor as owner. For interstate exhibitors where the registration certificate does not include a four generation pedigree, then a four generation pedigree must be provided showing the breeds and colours of all forebears. All exhibits must conform to CCCA Breed Standards.
COMPLAINTS & DISPUTES: Show Procedure 1.3 requires that any dispute arising from any aspect of the conduct of a show shall be referred to the Show Committee of the show prior to the conclusion of the show.
RETURNED CHEQUES: Should any cheque be returned unpaid, a bank cheque, money order, or EFT transfer will be required to ensure that the entry is processed, and the costs incurred by the club for the returned cheque shall be paid by the exhibitor.
AMENDMENTS TO SEX/COLOUR/TITLES: Any change to the sex or colour/pattern or the title of an exhibit after an entry has been lodged must be submitted in writing to the Show Secretary together with a copy of the amended Certificate of Registration no later than one week prior to the show date unless arrangements have been made with the Show Secretary to provide the changes at a later date. No changes will be made to the catalogue or judging slips on the show day.
CLAWS TO BE CLIPPED: The front and back claws of each exhibit must be clipped. Judges may class an exhibit as Not in Show Condition (NSC) when the claws are not adequately clipped.
VETERINARY INSPECTION: Each exhibit must be inspected by and pass the Veterinary,s Officer,s inspection before being allowed to be benched in the show. Exhibitors are to handle their own cats at the vetting table.
VACCINATION OF KITTENS: All kittens must be vaccinated and at least one vaccination must be administered by a qualified veterinary practitioner. Exhibitors must produce documentary evidence (valid vaccination certificate signed by a qualified vet) for each kitten, and a vaccination shall have been carried out not less than 14 days prior to the date of the show. Failure to produce a valid vaccination certificate at vetting may result in a single vet out for the kitten concerned. (See also Show Procedure 6.3 c).)
AGGRESSIVE EXHIBITS: A Judge or Steward is not required to handle any exhibit showing signs of aggression. Owners have a duty of care not to bench any exhibit that has a reported history of fractious behaviour. The Show Manager in consultation with the Show Representative may request the removal of any such exhibit from the show.

NSWCFA CAT/KITTEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS: To be eligible for Cat of the Year award a cat must be in the continuous ownership of a NSWCFA financial member throughout the year. Points are awarded based on the Top Five results at a show – 1st .10pts; 2nd – 7pts; 3rd . 4pts; 4th – 2pts; 5th – 1pt. Note 1. Where an owner becomes a member after the start of a calendar year, points will only accumulate from the date the membership application is processed by the NSW CFA Office. Note 2. If during the year a cat is transferred to a new owner who is not a member, the cat,s ownership by a financial member will be deemed continuous provided a membership application from the new owner is received and recorded by the NSW CFA Office within 4 weeks of the date of transfer, otherwise note 1 shall apply. Note 3. Where an interstate, Cats NSW, or ANCATS exhibit gains a Top Five placing, then that placing remains awarded to that exhibit and the placing of NSW CFA exhibits is not altered.
NSWCFA January 2019

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Download your Exhibitor Entry Form